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Project Name: Stainless Steel Screen for Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Thailand
Project location: Thailand
Project area: 150000 square meters
Main material: rose gold stainless steel, bronze brushed stainless steel
In July 2016, Crazy Metal designed the stainless steel screen in the hotel for the six-star Waldorf Astoria hotel in Thailand. The length and height are 1390*2149mm. Crazy Metal provides customers with a complete set of door solutions according to their demanding requirements. The details of the screen determine the grade of the door. High-quality materials, plus exquisite handwork, Crazy Metal uses its focus to create a set of beautiful screens, giving designers and customers a satisfactory answer. The combination of screens and glass background walls highlights the star hotel Gorgeous.
Cooperative products: stainless steel screens, stainless steel background walls, stainless steel lines, stainless steel elevator special plates
Case effect: The drawing and mirror surface stainless steel plates have taken measures from raw materials, basic processing, production and installation, surface layer pasting installation, finished product protection and other aspects to ensure that the finished product meets customer satisfaction. The hotel presents a luxurious and spacious space, and the fusion of stainless steel decoration exudes a noble atmosphere, which is very harmonious with the surrounding environment.

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