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Project Name: Shenzhen Poly Sales Office

Spread in the global novel coronavirus, China is the safest place 。

China's construction market, In full swing all start construction 。

Our company has just completed the Shenzhen poly real estate sales department, 3000 square ceiling project, Poly real estate to building materials higher requirements, 25 mm thick stainless steel honeycomb plate, Skin stainless steel part, 1.2 mm thick, Poly real estateIt can completely meet the requirements of rigidity.The skin needs to have a big wave shape, the appearance is like the color and luster of pure gold, and it looks luxurious. When it is opened to the public on July 10, 2020, it will surely amaze the buyers who come to visit, the actual construction effect and Poly Real Estate’s The design effect is the same, the customer is very satisfied, and the next six projects will continue to cooperate.

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