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Project Name: Guangzhou Hevenzen Hotel

 Project Description: This project covers an area of 300,000m2, a total of 298 rooms, and the design began to be highly recognized by Party A, and the excellent supplier certificate of Party A selection.

Construction address: Guangzhou Conghua

Project Location: Conghua District of Guangzhou City

 Construction Date: July 2015 - January 2016

Project Period: 2015.07 ~ 2016.01

 Use Material: 304 drawn rose gold, metal screen, metal globe, and other metal products.

MAMARIALS: 304 Rose Gold Stainless Steel, Metal Screens, Metal Globe and a Series of Metal Products.

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Product parameter


product name

Stainless steel 304 

Stainless steel products

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product weight

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Custom hotline

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Electroplating/no fingerprint 

+86 18688779774

Product exhibition

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