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Project Name: Yingde Swan Hotel
Project location: Yingde Guangdong 
Project area: 3000 square meters
Main material: Stainless steel wall panels and stainless steel furniture

Swan Lake Hotel, Yingde City, Guangdong, China, is a 5-star lakeside hotel. In July 2020, the water level rose due to heavy rain, flooding the lobby and the rooms on the first floor. All the wooden furniture and wooden decorative wall panels are all caused by Soaking damage, a total of 20 rooms were damaged, the flooded rooms were forced to close, and each room lost 300 US dollars per night.

Hotel bidding requirements: 1. Other materials that replace wood are needed to re-make furniture and wall panels, and the surface effect needs to be consistent with wood

2. Need to complete production and installation within 60 days

Crazy Metal promised to replace wood with stainless steel honeycomb panels, and production and installation could be completed within 30 days. Crazy Metal finally won the order. The project was actually completed in only 28 days.

In the lobby where we are shooting now, all wall panels, pillar-clad arc panels, and door frames are made of stainless steel honeycomb panels; all furniture in the room except for the bed is made of stainless steel honeycomb panels. Helping customers to open a month in advance, customers earn enough money to pay for our orders. The customers are very satisfied. They said that the hotel by the sea should also replace the stainless steel honeycomb panel furniture and decorative panels.

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