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Beauty salon stainless steel decorative rende

The beauty of the rotating staircase is not an accident. Its it is easy to end a boring evaluation in the case where the Mathematics Aesthetics. Designer uses a ...#CrazyMetal#Stainlesssteel

As a place to maintain people's beautiful image, the beauty salon is very important. The following is a mad metal to take everyone to see the various decoration effects of the beauty salon.

The decoration at the facade is the first impression of the store. This beauty salon is based on the design of stainless steel lines on the facade, and the simple and orderly stainless steel strip is more ultimate, and the order of order is enhanced. Highlight the elegant rhyme of the store, add interest to the original monotonous curtain wall.

The front desk hall of a beauty salon is where the customer has entered the store, the place for the atmosphere of this store. Add stainless steel products, stainless steel ceiling and background wall with light shadow of the lamp, and the temperature of the space is adjusted.

Smooth metal furniture lines make the space more extension and permissions, to create a comfortable, relaxation, and comfortable experience for customers.

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