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Chinese stainless steel screen style

The stainless steel grid openwork screen is early in the ancient China. The three gods of the Sanshikiqing has been popular using a grid hollow screen as an interior decoration, but also to resist the wind and water of the wing and the Want people. This kind of ...#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

Stainless steel grid hollow screen

As early as the ancient China, the three gods of Sanshiqing had already popped the whole handflow screen as an interior decoration, not only the beautiful and obstacles to resist the feng shui role of wearing a hall and the Want people. This style of screen has continued to this day. Now in the hotel, tea building, the public places such as the tea building, the placnome screens continue to transform the fruits of the ancient wood to the modern stainless steel grid hollow screen. Classical gratic and modern metal blending, retaining Chinese classical charm and essence with modern metals, in the hearts of the view, become quiet, Ninghe.

Aluminum carving screen

Aluminum carving screen is the continuation of ancient wood carving screens, aluminum carving screens and woodcarving screens can engrave various patterns, while as a screen to partition, it can also be used as a mural artwork in the room, and the shape is varied, and the wood carving screen is elegant. The artistic appeal of the Richtha is inherited.

Stainless steel grille screen

Grid style screen. It's like a big happiness, it seems just a few straight lines that simply simple single, but it can give people a new feeling. The stainless steel grille screen is the "still half-faced", and elegant is not dull, and the magic of light and shadow is created. The light transmits a kind of artistic tension like leather, and the people walking outside the grille. One corner in the play, the beauty of the grill, the beauty of the grill, beauty is not good.

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