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Colored stainless steel plate - copper plated

Why is stainless steel? In order to enhance the beauty of stainless steel, the value of the art of stainless steel is to meet the market demand to make the product more beautiful, and more artistic effects improve product art culture connotation creates higher value production ...

Why is stainless steel to copper?

In order to enhance the beauty and appreciation value of stainless steel art

The so-called copper plating is to meet market demand, and more artistic effects to improve product art culture connotation to create a more rich artistic atmosphere.

Copper copper has become a sterilized copper of pure copper. Due to the limited price of resources, it is increasingly expensive to meet the mass market demand, the copper plating is naturally born, and copper-plated applications are more flexible and diversified. It is relatively inexpensive to ensure that the pure copper appearance effect is relatively inexpensive.

The copper plated materials are generally aluminum, stainless steel, iron, etc. The most common use is that stainless steel and cast iron in order to improve the quality of the product and the copper plated in the durability market is basically stainless steel.

Iron is easy to withstand the market.

The superiority of stainless steel has a wide range of workability is widely used in various types of decorative space and molding products, and the price of market demand and expanding stainless steel is also unwinding with rising stainless steel.

In the past, we often saw that white mirror stainless steel now, many art space furnished artworks come from stainless steel products, but the improvement of process technology makes stainless steel no longer staying in ordinary white through process technology to stainless steel. For a variety of cultural products.

Since stainless steel processing performance is superior to choose stainless steel copper, it is today's market preferred material, the art is ubiquitous, and it is increasingly high and higher. It is also growing to enterprise requirements. Choose crazy metal to protect you. There is a good product to select the finishing material.

Representative needed for UAE, Thailand.


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