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Crazy metal stainless steel custom background

Yesterday, Xiaobian and everyone shared the various materials of the background wall. Today, crazy metal stainless steel will take you in-depth contrast the differences in various materials! Before you, let's take a look at Yesterday's knowledge: Modern ...

Yesterday, Xiaobian and everyone shared the various materials of the background wall. Today, crazy metal stainless steel takes you in-depth contrast the differences in various materials! Before this, let's take a look at Yesterday's knowledge point:

First, the background wall material contrast you don't know the crazy metal metal custom background wall

In modern decoration, the material of the background wall is varied, including stone, wooden, wallpaper, wall, coatings, and metal. Among them, the wall of the uniffected steel is a kind of welcome, generally using stainless steel or metal materials as a bottom plate, and is manufactured on this basis. What styles are used, in general, first consider the overall style, and consider what materials used; but today, today, in addition to meet the needs of consumers decoration, it can also reflect the value of art. Therefore, the products that can meet the products of this business and artistic temperament for stainless steel background walls, which can be said to be wild.

Various background wall


However, metal can customize various style background walls





In addition to the various styles, the benefits of metal products are very much very much. Details can be viewed: Crazy metal stainless steel tells you why metal products are more and more popular!

Second, crazy metal stainless steel custom background wall background wall material contrast

According to natural routine and texture, the stone wall background wall can be decorated. Among them, the stone background wall is divided into two decorative materials of natural stone and artificial stone. After polishing, spella, it can be decorated on the wall is natural stone, which is naturally mining. And cultural stones are generally processed by natural stone, of course, there are also artificial cultural stones. Friends who are suitable for natural primitive style. Wood material is a variety of background wall, the price is also economical. In style, wooden background wall with other wooden furniture, decorations and decorations are also harmonized, easy to clean. Wallpaper / sticker / wallpaper background wall is more economical, not only is well decorated, but the construction is simple and convenient, if you need to replace the style, use wallpaper wall to make a background wall, it is very convenient to meet you often replace it. demand. Making the background wall material with paint, the cost is the lowest, and there is no need to separate construction, and you can choose any of your favorite colors, the paint wall belongs to the background wall. However, there is a common problem in the above background wall, and there is a limitations on the pattern, and it is more suitable for home or a place for the decoration requirements. If it is a high-end place, in addition to advanced ingredients and wood background walls can reluctantly meet demand, the remaining paints and wallpaper background paper cannot meet the requirements.

However, metal background walls can do the advantages over all background walls, but also make up for their defects. Whether it is simple, modern, luxury, atmosphere, modern style is applicable, his mirror, brushed, matte, pattern pattern, etching, etc., can bring perfect decorative effect, stainless steel wall construction in metal engineering It is also relatively simple. The only deficiency of the number is high cost. When the light of the space is not very good, select the colorful stainless steel mirror panel to make the background wall to enhance the role of lighting. The appropriate colorful stainless steel metal strip is inlaid, and the effect is also good, it seems to have a sense of modernity and high level. At the same time, it can also match wood, stone, and all kinds of color matching are also complement. So, crazy metal stainless steel custom metal wall, is professional, at the same time!

Let's share some stainless steel background wall picture of crazy metal.

Tomorrow, wewill take you into a deep understanding of the final lesson of stainless steel background wall: crazy metal custom metal background wall process and advantages. Let us, see you tomorrow!


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