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Crazy metal with real cases to understand the

Metal sculpture is a landscape of landscape design, by creating visual, visual artistic images with a certain space, to reflect social life, express artist's aesthetic feelings, aesthetic emotions, aesthetics ...#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

The production of sculptures is divided into two ways of artificial production and machine making. The machine production is generally used for sculptures, simple structure, and sculptures that are large and complicated in structure. The process flow of manual metal sculpture is known from the crazy metal.

First, according to the drawings

To make a sculpture, first, first, the first step is required to produce a sculpture model of 1: 1 according to the drawings, and the material of the 1: 1 model is generally made of foam mold, ceramics, and mud mold, and the purpose is to confirm the specific shape structure.

▼ metal sculpture foam model ▼

Second, processing according to the structure

The film is removed into a piece of small piece of metal according to the structure of the sculpture for laser opening. The metal sheets were then polished and forged, and the forging is the most difficult part in the processing process, and the manual technical requirements of the master will be relatively high.

▼ Forged Processing ▼

Third, splicing and surface treatment

After making a metal piece that meets the required metal, it is necessary to sold a piece of metal, and the metal sculpture has been taken into a prototype, and then the molded metal sculpture is polished, and then according to customer requirements The color plate performs a corresponding surface treatment process.

▼ Surface processing ▼

So far, a complete metal sculpture is born! These process steps look simple, actually cost-spending time and is relatively high, to complete a beautiful metal sculpture is not three days five days, it takes a month, there are some even need a few Year. If you are looking for a sculpture custom company to find a crazy metal stainless steel company, specializing in the construction of large metal sculptures for 13 years.

▼ metal sculpture forming ▼

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