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Crazy metals come to dry goods several knowle

Crazy metal stainless steel is a stainless steel shaped customized comprehensive enterprise focusing on stainless steel decorative materials design R & D, production, processing, sales, mainly stainless steel screen, stainless steel curtain wall, stainless steel wine ...

Several knowledge points for steel people must have!

Just let you better understand stainless steel

1. What is the advantage of legity operation?

When the amount of lime is less than 20 kg / t in a ton of metal, the metal forming slag is less than 30 kg / t for the slope operation.

(1) Lime adds less, reducing the slag and energy consumption, and reduces the emissions of pollutants.

(2) The utilization rate of oxygen is high, the endpoint oxygen content is low, and the amount of the manganese is high, and the alloy rearity is high.

(3) Reduce the erosion of furnace lining and reduce splash.

2, what kind of golden role in the exterior refining?

(1) Make the steel ingredient and temperature;

(2) fine-tuning ingredients reduce the chemical composition of finished steel;

(3) Reduce sulfur, hydrogen, nitrogen content in steel;

(4) Change the formation and composition of steel middle clamp

(5) Remove the harmful elements in the steel to adjust the temperature of the steel.

3, what is the root cause of splattering?

The root cause of splatter is:

(1) The reaction in the molten tank is unevenly developed, and the extensive discharge of a large amount of CO gas is instantaneously produced. This is the root cause of explosive splatter;

(2) severe foam slag large, slag Layer thickness, hindering C ○ Gas smooth discharge, is another important reason for splashing.

4. What are the measures to improve the purity of steel water?

The measures to improve the purity of molten steel are:

(1) Improve the quality of raw materials, reduce the inclusions of raw materials;

(2) Strengthen and improve process operation, improve ingredients and temperature hit rate, reduce the number of points of breath; (3) Perfect deoxygenation The system is to facilitate inclusion exclusion and floating; (4) Strengthen the maintenance of steel, reduce the oxidation and slag amount of steel; (5) Improve the quality of the electrical resistance, reinforce the stirring of the molten pool; (6) in the steel process And the steel water is sealed to protect measures during the casting process to avoid direct contact between steel and air; (7) adopting technologies such as furnace refining and improves the purity of steel water.


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