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Custom stainless steel screen

Many places in life are used to use the screen. The hotel stainless steel screen is separated because of his comprehensive function. Now it has become a social mainstream product. We can see his decoration in the house, which has a lot of renovation, ...

Many places in life are all use of screen, and the hotel stainless steel screen is partitioned because of his comprehensive function. Now it has become a social mainstream product. We can see his decoration, which has a lot of renovation of houses, and add a stylish style. . We often look at the screen of the screen, one is commercial use, one is home renovation. It uses a different place to create a different effect.

For the hotel's stainless steel screen, the two "mix and not mess", complement each other in front of our eyes, create a kind of modern aesthetic and comfort, and the Chinese home, Chinese to create an artistic conception Winning, such as blue and white porcelain, stainless steel window and other Chinese elements with a letter to highlight the simple, simple charm, and modern minimalist winds like to decorate home with simple lines, reasonable traits. It is light, slender, this product is often used in the indoor decorative partition, or is presented in the way in the box, the Chinese stainless steel paste is empty decoration, light and exquisite, easy to cooperate with colorful lights, often used in the hotel, The Chinese restaurant is partitioned and can also be used in classical buildings, residential and hotels.

The hotel stainless steel screen is partitioned in the past two years of popular new indoor decorative partition products, mainly for the main. In the process of design planning, everyone is unified with the decoration style of indoor and outdoor, and the effect of matching is also coordinated, and the person is the process. The quality of the process is also related to the price of the price.

The hotel's stainless steel screen is broken, and the stainless steel window flower screen is determined. This is especially important. It is very important to determine the factor, the size of the house, the needs of the function, the quality of the monomer, the degree of strongness, etc., all within our consideration, The light-transmitting part of the window, that is, the design customization of the work is also more important.

It is also very much factor that it needs to be considered. The hotel's stainless steel screen is separated from the metal element of stainless steel, and the metal element such as nickel, 硌 is allowed to keep the metal's gloss, and the durability, the durable stainless steel is known, in the usual decoration. For 10 years, 20 years, only demand is willing to continue to use, it is not a problem, and the screen of the other material is impossible to do this.

Crazy metal stainless steel focuses on the eight-year star hotel, the high-level club, KTV, office buildings, real estate projects and other stainless steel decoration projects,

First level, rich color, complete specifications, free fit, can come to the figure custom

Representative needed for UAE, Thailand.


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