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How to determine the quality of stainless ste

With the application of stainless steel decoration, there are many unscrupulous merchants, and the ability to scatter with a good business, consumers are very easy to be used by these unscrupulous business routines, Europe ...#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

With the application of stainless steel decoration, there are many unscrupulous merchants, and the phenomenon of the market is very good. If the consumer is not distinguished, it is easy to be used by these unscrupulous business routines, crazy metal metal Today, I will explain how to distinguish the quality of stainless steel products.

First, in the resolution of the stainless steel material, the common material for stainless steel decoration is good, and there are 201, 304, 316, 316L, respectively, respectively. Many unscrupulous merchants are met with second, if the stainless steel outdoor is renovated in 201. It will result in fading, rust, etc. in a few months. So when you are acceptable, we have to look at whether the material is a good material. There are many ways to judge, and the simplest is recommended here is to use stainless steel resolution to test.

Some merchants on materials will be charged with a pressure delay. The main material is a cold-rolled product that delays the hot rolling cold rolling, and the surface color is relatively uniform without dark stripes, and the pressure delay is generally a private manufacturer to repeat the cold rolling product into a thinner cold rolled product. Compared with the surface of the pressure delay to be more dim. There may be dark stripes. The price is also about 1200 yuan / T or so. You must carefully view the appearance quality.

在In terms of stainless steel color color, stainless steel coloring process is the one aspect of the decision price. Water-plated and vacuum coating comparison vacuum coat resistance and corrosion resistance, the performance of the film layer is also more stable, the production equipment and environmental requirements are more demanding, and the water plated is through soaking in chemical water. Get colors, there is no vacuum coating on color. Therefore, it is cheaper than the vacuum coating.

On the surface of the stainless steel. When the inspection, you must carefully check the surface, whether there is a color difference, whether the color is uniform, whether the color is pure, whether there is scratch, peeling, sand, water marks, etc. Especially titanium, mirror, etc. The surface of the mirror effect is no grinding flower and horseshoe printing surface, and the brightness of the mirror is relatively high.

When customizing stainless steel products, you must find a relatively high reputation. Do not delay the progress of the decoration project because of your child's cheap.


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