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Is 304 or 316 better for honeycomb stainless steel ceiling decorative panels?

Is 304 or 316 better for honeycomb stainless steel ceiling decorative panels? When it comes to stainless steel, things that we can often come into contact with in our daily lives, such as tableware, pots and pans at home, or thermos for drinking, are basically made of stainless steel. Of course, we all know that the food cooked by the human body using stainless steel tableware will bring some indispensable trace elements to our body. Therefore, stainless steel tableware is an indispensable item for our daily use. Although everyone knows that stainless steel is used and touched every day, many people don't know what type of stainless steel they use?

Honeycomb stainless steel ceiling

Crazymetal honeycomb stainless steel ceiling decoration knows that 316 stainless steel is generally used in medical treatment, video, machinery, etc. For example, when we go to the hospital, some medical appliances contain 316 stainless steel. Secondly, 316 stainless steel only has two more chemical elements added than 304 stainless steel, that is, hardness and oxidation resistance are better.

Honeycomb stainless steel ceiling

The use of honeycomb stainless steel ceiling decoration is for construction and engineering. 201, 304, 316 stainless steel can be used. Although 201, 304 can be used, 316 is of course better, whether it is hardness or oxidation resistance The performance is better than 304 and 201. So different people have different opinions on how to choose. What effect you want to achieve depends on what kind of stainless steel panel you choose.

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