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Is mirror stainless steel always light polluted? That's because you don't know the design Secret!

Mirror stainless steel can make buildings disappear, but is the light pollution serious?

Yes, this is indeed a weakness of mirror stainless steel. Even the famous Disney Concert Hall will be complained by the surrounding residents. They believe that the reflection causes the temperature to rise, and it will also affect the vehicle travel.

(Disney Concert Hall in a crowded area↑)

Could it be that the beautiful mirror stainless steel will die prematurely?

No no no, just remember the following formula.

The formula is very simple: one look, two wide, three natural


The so-called "down" - face down. Suitable for places not exposed to direct sunlight. For example, landscape pavilions, architectural gray spaces, etc. Although reflective, no neighbor will complain about you~


Don't get together like the Disney Concert Hall upstairs! Be open!

At this time, it is not called light pollution. That is the charm of light!

For example, the treasure map of the opening chapter - Rouen Stadium in France

This one is better understood. In the midst of nature, what reflects is also nature.

If it is really deep in the downtown area, you can learn from Kenwu. Combining the green wall surface with mirror stainless steel.

(Shanghai Z58)

hidden in the city

How, with this formula. Are you thinking of using mirrored stainless steel in your next design?

We also brought 5 [mirror stainless steel] cases, there is always one that will touch your heart!


1. Design of Rouen Stadium, France ↓

Dominique Perrault Architecture

2. Shanghai Z58 ↓


3. stadthaus ballhausgasse ↓


4. Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art ↓

Farshid Moussavi

5. Château La Dominique winery ↓

Jean Nouvel

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