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Umbrella stand is a shelf for storing umbrellas, generally used in large shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels or office spaces.

Time value plum rain season, often rainy. Going out, come back and wet umbrella can only stand on the water drop of the umbrella to wet the floor, the family is not careful when the family goes out, and it is easy to slip. If the home is soaked in the wooden floor, it is easy to deform, and the tide. Put it in the corridor to dry the water, support it in the living room, it is really a place, can be soaked to leave the rain, what should I put?

Really taste, people who know life like to put an umbrella stand at the entrance of the entrance, the umbrella stand is not only very practical, but it can be used as a decoration.

Crazy Metal? Today is an Aside Umbrella. The umbrella stand is delegated by the Sofia Furniture by a crazy metal designer, installs with a commercial building wardrobe and porch. The material used is 304 series stainless steel, 304 stainless steel has better toughness, corrosion resistance, high temperature, processing performance, our daily stainless steel kettle, stainless steel chopsticks, stainless steel furniture, stairs, some of the hospital in the hospital Medical equipment is all used in 304 stainless steel. The design is inspired by the sculpture building in the United States with a strong geometric architecture.

The umbrella is divided into two, two geometric square frames, and provides sufficient support on the one hand, and can also bring umbrella circles within a range. At the same time, there is also a metal hook on the left side, and the short handle buck is suspended. The lower layer is provided with a waterproof base, which is both effective to receive the water on the umbrella, and it is also convenient to clean the residue.

This umbrella is not only simple and beautiful, it is easy to operate, and the umbrella bag is pulled, it can be packaged in the direction, and can carry the umbrella bag to carry. Long scouring short umbrella and three fold umbrellas are suitable. Beautiful and practical, we can design Wen Xuan, advertising, umbrella bag printable, overall compact, suitable for place in various public places. Isn't it a heart after reading it? Crazy metal stainless steel also provides custom services. Various surface crafts, pattern patterns, customization, as long as you can provide pictures or ideas, we can customize them on demand.


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