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Spain, Ibiza, Sir Joan Hotel Design Talk Baranowitz Kronenberg Architects.html.txt111222333aaabbbaaa

designboom: how does the sir joan hotel differ from other proposals in the competition? baranowitz kronenberg: sir joan is so different from what one imagines a local hotel in ibiza to look and feel like, it captures the imagination while implicitly exploiting the relationship between time, place, life, self, history, memory and experience Feel connected, and every act of design materializes that connection in a novel way. Ibiza has many sides, each a separate world, and each world can serve as the basis for a great story. The stories we tell connect Ibiza's past, present and future, where our guests are able to temporarily immerse themselves in the signature experiences created by this unique location. designboom: how do you express this story in the various spaces of the sir joan hotel? Baranowitz Kronenberg: The concept of yacht living brings a luxurious atmosphere, while the concept of private boats is also a theme that runs through the entire hotel space. like a ship, sir joan hotel takes guests away from reality, wher

e they can enjoy, discover and relax in the vibrant breeze of local culture. Social spaces are thoughtfully designed to accommodate any mood and state of mind of the occupants. Actions between multiple spaces drive the overall space arrangement, and the site is infused with an easy-going free spirit. In the hotel, people can celebrate anything at any time and any place, and the public and private forms are completely up to the onlookers Define yourself. When we think about life on a yacht, there may be many scenes that come to mind, but the ones that inspire us most are the sense of freedom, the glimmer of the sea in the sun, the wooden decks, the Gleaming stainless steel parts, exquisite workmanship, and the skill of tattooed sailors to withstand the wind and sea salt. Baranowitz Kronenberg: As soon as you step into the hotel, the first thing you see is the dark nut wood floor line and the shiny aluminum plate ceiling above. This is undoubtedly an unexpected material choice, which only belongs to sir joan hotel VIP guests do not belong to Ibiza. The gradient color of the ceiling creates subtle changes in the atmosphere of the space, reminding people of the sky and the sea; under the bar, there is a winding stainless steel tube footrest, which is inspired by the bollards that fix the boats beside the bay. This design allows the guests at the bar to stay like ships; the shiny stainless steel wall panels on the surface of the water ripples pour into the hotel like a waterfall, shimmering continuously; the carpet printed with tattoo patterns represents the image and mystery of sailors. The essence of a measured sailing journey. When one arrives on the upper deck of sir joan, the gleaming turquoise sea of the balearic islands hovers like a clear blue sky above, leading guests into the suite, which is also designed to express our respect for yachting life. ribas & ribas’s multi-planar façade for the sir joan hotel not only provides guests with a great vantage point overlooking the port and old town, but also adds a contemporary vista to this historic maritime landmark , The scale of the building is small, so this modernity will not have too much impact on the atmosphere of the entire island. In fact, the building combines white walls with glass and steel volumes, while vertical green walls and waterfalls create a natural and soothing oasis backdrop, where residents can temporarily escape from the surrounding urban environment. . In this exclusive paradise, people relax in the panoramic swimming pool, surrounded by changing rooms and beach chairs.Using "stainless steel honeycomb panel" as the base material, Crazy Metal has developed "stainless steel shaped walls, stainless steel hanging column, stainless steel partition chandeliers, and stainless steel DIY cabinets" suitable for high-end projects.

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