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Stainless steel column armrest, imperfect per

The general engineering process of the handrail is: Grassroots treatment → Installation prefuse → Display → mounting column → handrail and column connection → polishing polishing. After all the handrails are welded, the hand is placed in hand to sand, straight, straight ...

Stainless steel column armrests general engineering process is: Grassroots treatment → Installation prefuse → Wire → Installing column → handrail with column connection → polishing polishing.

After all the stainless steel column armrests are welded, the weld is placed flattened with hand-made wheels, until the weld is not being welded, and polished with a velvet grinding wheel or felt when polished, and use the corresponding polishing cream until the mother of adjacent Material is basically consistent, it can be installed without the weld.

Most people like to treat the surface without a slit slit, and do not reveal traces. But actually "imperfect" is also a kind of beauty.

Stainless steel armrests that are not welded, saving time and flexible, flexible. The length of the long stainless steel pipe handrail is used to connect the long stainless steel pipe handrail, which is diversified, which is not a "small bright point" that is unchanged. Or use the oblique cutting in the stainless steel pipe connection, is it more straightforward? Through the design, it makes up for small shortcomings and become a new idea.

All assembled non-welding, reducing some problems in the ordinary stainless steel column armrests, stainless steel glass handrail transparent, simple, is an excellent choice for shopping malls, office buildings, business districts and other places.

Representative needed for UAE, Thailand.


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