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Stainless steel honeycomb panel installation method

There are many ways to install stainless steel honeycomb panels, with different styles and different installation methods. The commonly used installation methods of stainless steel honeycomb panels are as follows:

Aluminum honeycomb panel installation

1. Lifting ear type  This installation method is the separation of lifting ears and honeycomb panel. After the lifting ears are processed separately, they are connected to the glue seam position of the honeycomb panel. The suitable width of the glue seam is ≥12mm. This installation method makes the processing simple and easy to install.

Aluminum honeycomb panel installation

2. Flanging type This installation method is to process the flanging for installation when the aluminum honeycomb panel is processed. The installation only needs to be connected to the keel and glue seam. The suitable glue seam width is ≥10mm. This method is convenient for installation. However, the processing is slightly more complicated and is not suitable for modeling curtain wall panels.

Aluminum honeycomb panel installation

3. Buckle type  This node is of aluminum buckle type, and the buckle is a specific profile, which is easy to install. However, this method requires high plate processing accuracy. It is not recommended to be used for plates with a length greater than 3000mm. According to the width of the buckle, there are 20mm and 40mm seams in the board.

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