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Stainless steel long board renovation project,Near by HUAWEI

Shenzhen MixC Shopping Center, Located in the CBD area of Shenzhen, Near by famous Huawei company, DJI company, Tencent company, high-end customer traffic is very large. In order to create a high-end atmosphere, the MixC Shopping Center, the two most important areas of the decoration project are tendered externally: the 6-story escalator in the center of the mall is surrounded by stainless steel and the metal ceiling of the corridor connecting the subway station. Crazy Metal's stainless steel metal sheet won the bid with three advantages: 1. Long plate, up to 6 meters in length, smooth and seamless, good impact resistance 2. Flatness, mirror effect 3. Short construction period, saving 50% compared with ordinary stainless steel decorative board installation After the opening of the MixC, the average daily sales is 5 million US dollars. The completion of the project ahead of schedule and opening in advance are very important for Party A to increase revenue. Crazy Metal is responsible for the total project area of ​​6000 square meters, and Party A requires 90 days to complete. Our company has a total of 45 days from production to installation, saving 50% of the time, and it perfectly cooperates with customers to open their doors in advance. The MixC Group made it clear that public commercial spaces in other cities will continue to cooperate with Crazy Metal #CrazyMetal #Stainlesssteelhoneycombpanel #AluminumfacadePanel #Sshoneycombpanel#AluminumceilingPanel #Aluminumfence #AluminumCourtyardGate #interiorconstractor #commercialInteriorDesign #ArchitecturalMetalsExpert #Buildingmetalfacemodular #claddingmaterials #ceilingmaterials #MetalCurtainwall #LaserCutCladdingPanel #facadematerials #hotelInteriorDesignDirector #Replacecopper #Replacepreciouswood #DecorativeMetalScreen #StainlessSteelscreenpartition #AluminumDecorativePanel

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