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Stainless steel screen, easy to improve the h

The unreasonable fellow type is easy to cause a headache for many people to divide the space space. At this time, the application of metal partition is indispensable, it directly affects the level of space and orderability. Application is not only functional ...#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

The largest living room generally also does both to do living room and restaurant. If you don't do some partitions, it will look scattered without a sense of aggregation. The living room partition is designed to not only divide one space into two spaces, but also increase the storage space.

The meaning of the living room partition is to break the inherent pattern, allowing space to have a good distinction, not the space is completely spaced like a whole wall. The living room partition is designed to make the space more permeable and level. It can create a break and do not have effects.

The metal screen is added to the mountain water painting element, and the luxurious atmosphere is an antique, creating a high-end elegant decorative style. Most Chinese screens on the market will give people a slightly fierce feeling. If the home is a new Chinese style, then it is recommended to choose a consequent sense of artistic conception. Call a mountain water

Simple form is displayed, giving a sense of space.

Enclosed screen design, make space with a sense of privacy, suitable for placement in the guest seating area

This metal screen partitions uses the design of the imitation wood grain, which is purely beautiful, and it is pure, and there is both an occlusion effect and a decorative, simple and generous.

These segments of partition design, their virtual combination, so that you have more creation, there is a connection in the septum, and there is a continuous process, both of the segmentation space, enhance the role of the layer, and not allowed space too Dead board is dull.


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