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Stainless steel screen knowledge!

Stainless steel screens are also known as stainless steel grids or partitions. Now with the development of stainless steel industry, home decoration style tends to have diversity, and the stainless steel decorative screen is more and more, and we take us ...#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

Stainless steel screens are also known as stainless steel grids or partitions

Now with the development of stainless steel industries, home decoration styles tend to have more and more stainless steel decorative screens in design, which takes responsibility for our decorative space and division space. Today, the small series of crazy metal will take you to the stainless steel screen, let us take a look.

Stainless steel screen classification


Stainless steel hollow grid screen, through laser hollow stainless steel grid, often pattern complicated, processing costs will be higher, but repeated stacked gratings form beautiful patterns, which will make the screen more ornamentally, make the space more level .

Square-tube welding stainless steel screen, which is more simple than the grid screen, and the square tube welding shape is simpler. It is the choice of minimalist customers, plus processing is more simple, and it will not cost it.

Antique is old and other color stainless steel screens, as the name suggests, the color stainless steel screen is the color of the color stainless steel sheet or the color required for the colored plating, which can cater to various occasions. Among them, antique doing is nothing more, not in color change, also gives people aesthetics.

2. Welding process

There are two welding processes during the production process, seam welding and seamless welding, and seam welding is the effect of spot welding. Seamless welding is full of welding, the effect of polishing polishing, because the gap is not seen because the welding is not seen, so it is called seamless welding.

3. Surface process

Mirror (shine noodles) stainless steel screen and drawn surface (matte surface) stainless steel screen.

4. Product color

According to the color, it can be divided into rose gold, bronze, green dishes, red bronze, titanium stainless steel screen, and the like.

Stainless steel screen advantages

1. Stainless steel screen is one of the highest strengths in the strength of metal materials

Stainless steel isolation does not produce corrosion, pixment, rust or wear, because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, so it can permanently maintain the integrity of engineering design. It can meet the needs of architects and structural designers, maintain long-term durability.

2. Stainless steel screen built-in structure, reuse

All connections and fixation are completed interior in the product, and detachable, reused. Wires can be made inside the frame. No need to put the wall to be embedded, the maintenance of the wire is more convenient, and the strong weak electric separation is made.

3. Stainless steel screen sound insulation, fire prevention

Built-in sealed strip, act as sound insulation, dustproof. The partition system is all made up of the metal structure, and the stainless steel partition has a fire, moisture-proof, and corrosion resistance.

4. Stainless steel screen without pollution, no odor

It does not need to use glue during the production of stainless steel products, and there is no formaldehyde in the room, no pollution, and will not produce odor.

5. Stainless steel screen supporting door, lock style flexible

Can be used with frame glass doors, frameless glass doors, solid wood doors, and can be made unique or double-door; the choice of door locks or other variety of styles.

The role of stainless steel screen in design

Chinese traditional decoration style is very particular to light and shadow, that is, the so-called spatial level of the sense. This concept is in the decoration style, especially in the new Chinese style: using different stainless steel screen compact and clever separation of the functional area. From "垭口" to the "Bogu" to "screen", it conveys this concept. The "soft" partition of space is guaranteed to pass through the privateness, which is intended to be in the style of Feng Shui in my country. The wind has a certain connection.

Through technological continuous innovation and efforts, the stainless steel surface produced by the steel crafts can create different color effects, including rose gold, black gold, gold, bronze, etc .; and all kinds of surface transfer processing can be made Corded roads such as ripple, marble road, blue and white porcelain ripples.

The use of stainless steel screens has increased classical charm throughout the sales space, enhances the steadiness of the overall space and Confucianism, enters space, high-rise Guangsha's feelings, adding an quaintness of the emperor to modern modern modern.

Crazy metal stainless steel is made by the intellectual spirit, the conscript, and the pursuit of product details, in many ways to show the art beauty of stainless steel screen, allowing metal to show another new gesture. On the grassroots level of ancient screen art, further rendering of the screen is further excavated, with different processes [pull, hollow, welding, laser, polishing, coloring, brushed], etc., to be unique to the unique strength, Space and modern feelings.

Crazy metal stainless steel brand is a stainless steel screen manufacturer specializing in the production of stainless steel screen, metal grate, stainless steel, stainless steel, stainless steel frame frame, etc.

Crazy metal stainless steel production is widely used in stainless steel decoration projects in hotels, KTVs, villas, clubs and other places. Provide customers with one-stop service for refining design, custom processing, installation.

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