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Stainless steel screen prevents rusty measure

any people have the concept of stainless steel to stay at all, which is not rustful, which is not.

There are many species of stainless steel, and their corrosion resistance is also completely different. At the same time, if the geographic position of stainless steel is not, there will be a certain difference in rust resistance. It can only be said that the stainless steel screen needs to pay attention to some matter before using and purchases, which can actually function a role of rust. So how do stainless steel screens prevent rust? In response to this problem, crazy metal stainless steel is a simple introduction to our customers.#CrazyMetal #Stainlessstee

Stainless steel is divided into 201, 304, 316, etc., different materials have their own advantages. For example, the anti-corrosion resistance of 201 is not too strong, but its acid resistance is relatively strong. Or 304 has a strong corrosion resistance, but its high temperature resistance is not strong, or the 316 has a strongest corrosion resistance, but also has high temperature resistance, and the welding ability is also relatively strong.

At the same time, stainless steel is often produced using a conventional steel by a variety of processes. At the last step, the producer needs to be polished. Polishing is divided into brushed polishing and lens. Professionals are more clear, the lens is better than the pull, so the mirror of stainless steel has a stronger rust. At the same time, when using stainless steel screens, it must be noted that the stainless steel screen is under the rain. If the screen is placed under the rain, the screen surface will be eroded by rain, resulting in a decline in rust-proof function, which has rust, which affects it, and affects it.

In addition, crazy metal stainless steel suggests how to prevent rusty of stainless steel screens, customers should also pay attention to purchased manufacturers. Professional manufacturers use quality and guaranteed raw materials, which greatly reduces the possibility of rust.


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