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Still worried about the quality of stainless


Still worried about the quality of stainless steel color plates?

With the price of color stainless steel plates, applications are getting more and more wide. There have been many bad merchants in the market, and the act of stealing and scattering. This not only damages the interests of the majority of the owners, but also destroyed the market environment of the entire stainless steel decorative plate. The following crazy metal stainless steel is aware of the identification method of stainless steel color panel

1 look at the material first

Common materials for colored stainless steel plates have 304 positive, 304 pressure delay, 201 positive materials and 201 pressure delay. Among them, 304 is higher than 201, the corrosion resistance is high, and the normal is flat and bright. Because the difference is large, many merchants are charged with a second, and they will pretend to be a project with pressure, and they will be charged 304 in 201. It caused the user to start fade, rusty and even breaks for a few months of color stainless steel plates.

Therefore, when we inspect the goods, we must first do it carefully whether the material of the board is you specified.

2 look at the effect

The color stainless steel plate is mainly used in the field of decoration, the ornamentality of the panel, and the decorative requirements are high. Be careful to test and observe when inspection. A good color stainless steel plate should have a different color difference in direct sunlight, and the whole batch is colorless, and the color is uniform.

A good color stainless steel mirror panel should also have no grinders and horseshoe, high brightness, and no scratch bend does not fade.

3 final tear film

The color stainless steel plate will be attached to a protective film before the factory. A lot of slow-selling sheets, it has been put in the warehouse time, the protective film is powdered, it is difficult to tear, or after torn, the surface of the sheet also adhesive a lot of glue, that is, it is difficult to clear, and the time is expensive.

After the color stainless steel plate is installed, it should be tearned as soon as possible, and the glue is obtained. In particular, outdoor decoration, due to direct sunlight, it is best to tear off the protective film immediately after construction.

Crazy metal stainless steel

The market is everyone, no one can escape, can't hide, escape the responsibility, and lose the market. A product, quality in front, after the service, each of us must be responsible for his own behavior, not doing, for our integrity!

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