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The first release of Butterfly Change--an exhibition hall and office space where the beauty of strea

leading many women Complete the butterfly transformation about beauty Effect presentation ▼Front image wall The unique advantage of this project is that the indoor entrance of the project is facing the exit of the elevator hall, so enough depth is reserve

d in the front desk area, so that the spaciousness of the front hall can satisfy the sense of ceremony at the beginning of the reception. The background of the front hall adopts a double arc method, and the wall is in an arc shape, which makes the background give people an enveloping sense of security. Flourish. The selection of the front desk echoes the background, and the smooth arc and hollow design make the space visually more transparent. ▼Image wall detailsUsing "stainless steel honeycomb panel" as the base material, Crazy Metal has developed "stainless steel shaped walls, stainless steel hanging column, stainless steel partition chandeliers, and stainless steel DIY cabinets" suitable for high-end projects.

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